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Joe Mixon visits PFT Live on Monday

The NFL won’t let Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon visiting the Scouting Combine. As Scouting Combine week begins, he’ll be visiting PFT Live instead. The man...

Idag kl. 21:23 ProFootballTalk

Eric Berry: “Not getting my hopes up” about long-term deal

The deadline for teams to use the franchise tag comes this Wednesday and one player who would like to see the day pass without the...

Idag kl. 19:45 ProFootballTalk

Panthers re-sign Mario Addison to -year, $.M deal

Panthers defensive end Mario Addison was slated to become an unrestricted free agent on March 9, but is now under contract in Charlotte through 2019.

Idag kl. 23:07 NFL.com

Panthers keep Mario Addison with new three-year deal

The Panthers have signed defensive end Mario Addison to a new contract, keeping the pass rusher in their rotation and off of the free agent...

Idag kl. 23:24 ProFootballTalk

Derrick Brooks to Jameis Winston: “That’s the fishbowl you live in”

Much was said this week about the boys-are-strong-girls-are-silent comments from Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston. Hall of Fame Buccaneers linebacker Derrick Brooks had a few things to...

1 dage siden- kl. 18:05 ProFootballTalk

After arrest, Ravens say they’re done with Matt Elam

Technically, Matt Elam is still a Baltimore Raven. But in 11 days, he won’t be. Elam, who was arrested on drug charges early this morning...

1 dage siden- kl. 17:18 ProFootballTalk

Marvin Lewis: Contract extension not “critical or crucial”

In late January, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said that he’d “like to agree” to a contract extension with the team because he thinks it would...

1 dage siden- kl. 17:20 ProFootballTalk

NFLPA shrugs at possibility of enforcement of federal marijuana laws

With the Trump administration strongly hinting that federal law banning marijuana use will be enforced in states where recreational use has been legalized, the NFL...

1 dage siden- kl. 17:34 ProFootballTalk

Report: Raiders expect Latavius Murray to sign elsewhere

The Raiders returned to the playoffs in 2016 with the help of 12 touchdowns from running back Latavius Murray, but they reportedly aren’t planning on...

1 dage siden- kl. 17:36 ProFootballTalk

LeSean McCoy’s “Buffalo was so special” tweet isn’t a farewell

Bills running back LeSean McCoy created a stir on social media with a tweet that “Buffalo was so special . . . thanks for everything.”...

1 dage siden- kl. 17:54 ProFootballTalk